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Asp onrowupdating inserts new row

The Grid View control provides a template called Empty Data Template.

This template is displayed when there is no data to be displayed in the Grid View.

with the code below it will add 1 row at the end of the table and on postback keeps the values entered within them, but it wont add any additional rows after the first.. now this works the first time and adds row #16, but if i run/execute the code again, i never get row 17 or higher, it doesnt overwrite row 16, but it never adds anymore. On each POST check the log and render the appropriate number of rows… It's a good idea to re-create the controls in the Page_Init event and the same order every time due to the way view state works.

Well I got the other code working per new row, but still unable to get past one row creation.

I know this sounds strange but I would like to know if it's possible to use the Gridview (SQLDatasource) Update Command to actually perform an INSERT and not a true update.

Here's the deal - Using a Select statement in my SQLDatasource, I'm retrieving records for which there are no History records for a specified period.

but right now, only 1 row get created, then when i complete the next row, the code is being executed, but overwrites the row that was added first.. here is the rough code i have so far, once i get it all working as they expect, ill clean this up a bit.. lol i def understand the logic and reasoning behind the approach, just have to re-read to see how to implement similar in our page. If the intent is to persist a dynamically created control, then you must write code that remembers the state of the control and write code that generates the controls on every POST.

CRUD operations of Data Grid is not a big innovation, but there are plenty of ways to do that.

This post explains how to perform CRUD operations using Infragistics Web Data Grid control in ASP. This code is written using Infragistics version 12.2 Create a simple Web Data Grid.

Know the inner dimension of personal growth and well-being.

A yogic approach to success, happiness, and inner transformation. Many months back I wrote an article that explained a trick that allows you to add a new row to Data Grid.

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This grid has one drop down editor and others fields are text box editors. The grid control has 6 CRUD events associated with it.

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