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Like beer and buzzer-beaters, the Kiss Cam is as an integral part of any NBA game, often capturing a cute or clever moment for everyone to cheer on.

However, depending on the couple the camera decides to pan to, it can also envelope the crowd in a wave of cringeworthy awkwardness.

He started to linger around the house on the weekends so he could watch his mother stretching and bending in her tight leotards in the living room.

Mother Phones Husband While Not Son Fucks Her Full sperm charged.

At first he was only interested in the photo gallery which was filled with amateur pictures of naked older women.

Without knowing that these people are in a relationship, it's easy to make mistakes like the one posted yesterday.

It all started several weeks earlier when he came across a website dedicated to seducing your mother.

The website had two main areas; a photo gallery and a forum.

Camera people could, and have, pan to a mother and son, a brother and sister, two complete strangers, and many more combinations of people who wouldn't want to kiss each other on television.

This man-woman focus ignores the possibility that some sports fans could be in same-gender relationships, and until recently sporting stadiums have made no effort to acknowledge the existence of queer people via the kiss cam.

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