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If the chick is in China as a domestic helper it a scam that they have set up with travel agency- here is how the story usually unfolds- "I don't have a smart phone or computer that I can do Skype on, I left it with my little sister back in PI.But I love you and want to come marry you in US- Send money for my visa and airfare and I will come".

After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. I'VE spoken with him via skype WITH video so I know his real face. :( If you have read enough stories on this site, you have no option BUT to believe he is a scammer. Oh, Devastated, I am so sorry to hear your heartbreaking story. You said you got a credit card that you didn't apply for. crazyann, I met a fake US military named Frank Edward.

Once they have a taste of regularly getting nice things, its hard to stop.

Its easier to find a western bf online who will give money than it is to get cash from anywhere else.

The Filipino dating sites are infested with gold diggers and scammers.

While all dating sites have them, Filipino/foreigner dating sites have A LOT more than average.

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