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Posted by / 10-Mar-2016 01:20

Founder Dating allows potential founders to find and audition one another in a manner similar to many online dating sites.

They have shown a commitment to having a balance of technical founders and founders with deep industry expertise (read teachers and school leaders).

Cons CEO doesn't want to pay people for their services and expects "we're a startup" to be the excuse for any shortcomings, whether about the tightness of the wallet or the inability to just get it together.

Much of the team is really cool and they could retain solid talent if only leadership wasn't so cheap, rude, and indifferent to outside opinion. Nobody wants to be treated like crap, but since that's what Founder Dating does, they're not going to keep anyone special at this rate.

The acquisition will create one of the largest networks of entrepreneurs and advisers, says Onevest co-founder and executive chairman Alejandro Cremades.A popular website that helps entrepreneurs find co-founders and advisers just inked a deal of its own.San Francisco-based Founder Dating has agreed to be sold to New York-based startup investment platform Onevest for an undisclosed amount, the companies announced today.But it’s a highly curated network and Alter turns away about 60 percent of the people who want to join. “The people part remains exceedingly hard, even though it’s cheaper and easier to start something than it was five to eight years ago,” she said.“We’re the people network for entrepreneurs.” Initially, she focused on connecting potential co-founders.


Luckily, this has become easier to do, even a limited budget.