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Before considering taking part on the programmer, candidates are allegedly told: "We film a pre-date interview with the couple and single on the same day just before the date, finding out a little bit about each person and what your ideal threesome would be."Then we put you on your perfect three-way date.

On its website, 3nder says it is set up for "all swingers, newbies, curious and experienced" who are all looking for an instant hook up.

As we advocated with disclosing height, include in your bio that you’re a couple interested in a threesome, or if you want to be more poly-friendly, “we’re a couple looking to meet women to date together.” This is mandatory.

Support gender equality and both make an account There’s competing wisdom on if a couple’s profile should be made by the male or female (although thanks to the rollout of new gender options, you’re not limited to the binary).

Shows like this are becoming more and more common so must be a ratings draw."The series, which will be broadcast online later this year, has been described as "a sexy, sophisticated insight into the world of three-way dating".

Applicants for the new series must be 18 or over and from the UK.

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According to The Sun, the network will match up members of the general public and send them on a date to see if they are compatible.