Harry potter and ginny weasley dating fanfiction

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Harry potter and ginny weasley dating fanfiction

"" Do shut it Ron, you're really starting to sound pathetic!!!! I swear I don't know what you two are talking about!!!!! " Fred chortled "Touchy when it comes to HERMIONE now aren't we!!!!! I repeat should not be in this conversation," Ron said slowly and forcefully."Oh Fred... He thought it would be quite, er, romantic to write dear, beloved Elizabeth Ramport a sappy, or should I say soapy, love letter! "Ron's back was hitting the stairs as they dragged him, and with each stair he let out an annoyed yelp:"Ow, ouch, hey, ooh, I can, ow, ooh, walk, oof, you know, ow, ow, uh, oh! He will never tell us all that manly man stuff ..yet, he tells her. " George sniffled, pretending to cry on Fred's shoulder."And what gives you two the impression that you are men? " Ginny's a lot more mature about these things than you two are, that's why I told her! Well she was real mature when she came in here screaming like a banshee telling us!!! " George interrupted."But my name comes first in the alphabet! " Ron shouted exasperatedly as George also released him."Hey! " Fred exclaimed, as though he'd hit a revelation."Hmm." George said thoughtfully, "Gred and Forge, I like it! ""Lesson 1: Never compare a girl to bathwater." George began, as if this was a common mistake."What? I don't see any relevance here..." Ron said, confused as ever."Well, George here, made that mistake once. Selective Weasley Bashing, Hermione Bashing, slight Dumbledore Bashing.And without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harry kissed her.

Umm, It's really Americanized, and we're from Texas, so we suck at British lingo. "In other words don't greet her by saying 'Hey what's up my dirty ho?

Disclaimer: Ok, we own nothing but the plot, all the characters belong to the oh so wonderful JKR, and the off-key song lines George sings belong to Disney. No wonder you turned out so...stupid." George said. Instead of telling Kelly Parker that when she kissed him, his insides turned to jelly, he said that his insides were JELLIFIED! " Fred said somewhat mischievously."how to kiss a just pretend to kiss Fred and I'll help you." George said, not sounding at all like he was joking.

A/N: This was written with my buddy, we'll call her Ginny! ****OH and before you accuse me of Plagiarism, please read my info on my profile*****Fred and George's Guide to Dating Fred and George were sitting on their bed when Ginny burst into the room."Oh my gosh! Once they entered their room Fred slammed the door while George threw Ron down on the bed. As if he actually thought that this would win her over! "She kicked him to the curb FIVE blocks down, that is, AFTER she slapped the taste out of his mouth." He choked between his hysterics.

Charlie was sitting next to Ginny, with Fred opposite Hermione, with George on his side that Charlie wasn't taking up."How do you play it Hermione? To him the game sounded promising, especially if it was basically what the title suggested.

Hermione confirmed this."It's basically what the name says.

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They passed Ginny as they dragged Ron up the stairs."Go downstairs and keep Harry busy for like an hour. " Ginny retorted, but proceeded down the stairs just the same."There goes a woman..." said George grinning " Who knows how to handle her men!!!! But Fred and George caught him and threw him back on the bed." No you are staying here," George screamed, while trying to hold down Ron."Now admit you are TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, AND UTTTTTTTEERRRRLLYYYY... OR WE WILL NEVER LET YOU UP." Fred bribed."OKAY, OKAY, okay... " he asked, confused."Like what to do in your, erm, current situation..." George said, as if this made everything perfectly clear,"And what, pray tell, is my current situation? ""Excuse me, but I believe we agreed that it was going to be 'George and Fred's Guide to Dating'? ""Yeah, I know, but I thought you might be preparing to run away, so I thought I'd stay here for a while.""Geroff! " Ron exploded."You don't have to be gay to kiss a family member! ' and went for it," Fred said, much too nonchalantly for Ron's comfort."Oh my gosh!