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Signs you are dating a controlling man

These things include being overly possessive or acting like you needing your alone time is unrealistic. It's cute when he wants to get to know your friends.It's controlling when he asks them where you are.2.Perhaps your partner is exhibiting difficult behavior.You’re wondering, It’s important to catch this behavior early, and take action.The only thing we are going to ask is, are you willing to be a puppet on someone else hands? The early days of your relationship are always fantastic. He does all the right things, says the right words.Alright, before you end up in this nasty situation, we can help you identify 10 signs your boyfriend is controlling and dump him before your relationship goes completely crazy. He pays close attention to everything that has to do with you. You start thinking “aah, finally a man who can really understand me and respect me for who I am”.Often, women are tenderly conditioned to defend a controlling partner or manipulated to suffer the insecurity of feeling insane.

*Yawn*​When the love infatuation fades and things start to get REAL it's only then when you Sounds familiar, right?

He even gets annoyed when you go out with your girls and tries to guilt trip you out of it Every. Everything down to what you do, what you wear, what you eat and where you go comes right down to him.​He will also try to change little things about you like your personal style, hair do' and even go as far as correcting you every time you make a so-called 'mistake'.

Dealing with a control freak can be emotionally draining when your man is always in a strop because something doesn't go his way.

Reading the statistics gathered by the UN, it is easy to recognize the power men hold over women on a national, cultural and familial level.

This masculine and powerful stereotype of men perpetuates power hungry behavior and dictates the way men perceive themselves and women.

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It's cute when he calls you to see how you're doing.

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