Who is tiffany cambridge dating

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She says Game eventually allowed her to take the kids and go.

Later, Jayceon stops by Tiffney's apartment so the duo can discuss where their future is heading.Ever since they exposed their relationship on the Vh1 reality show, “Marrying The Game,” she’s accused him of being too juvenile and stuck in the stereotypical disrespectful ways of a rapper. Eventually, those issues, along with more serious ones, pulled them apart while they were trying to plan their wedding, and from there, things got ugly.At one point, there were allegations that the rapper broke Cambridge’s nose during an argument, and he claimed that she was keeping him from their kids.The Game dropped a hundred grand to reserve their July 28 wedding venue and that shiz was non-refundable!!0,000 is nothing to scoff at, even for a top-selling hip-hop artist, but you can't put a price tag on love!!

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After bickering over everything from the wedding cake to possible infidelities.